Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another cold day

Today we visited my parents, with S accompanying his Dad and Grandad to a train exhibition in Dartford. Trains are very much his thing, and he had an enjoyable time. He spent the last of his birthday money on a DVD on the Eurostar.

J spent an hour on his Hot Wires set (which he took with him) and then went onto an environmental learning Cd that I took with us.

When S and his Dad got back, we braved the (still) biting wind (again!) and took all three boys to the park over the road. They didn't mind the cold and had fun on the death slide. Dh and I were freezing though.

We then left dh up there, and came home. I left lots of little notes in his washbag, under his pillow, and in his uniform to let him know how much we will miss him.

Worst of all, it means I'll be without my bed warmer - he is always so hot even in winter that I never need a hot water bottle!

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