Friday, February 03, 2006

Reasons to homeschool

Funny old day today. I think I am suffering the emotional catch up from having been without dh this week. My heart goes out to families managing with only one parent - I truly do not know how they manage without a soulmate/helpmate there. For that matter, my heart goes out also to those with a partner, but in an unsupportive or abusive relationship. I truly relying on dh so much for my backup, sounding board and general best pal.

I spent some time this morning with W and J working on the Planet Food project. I was amazed at the skill of W's colouring (he's 3) and the concentration and effort on his part at colouring in each figure exactly as the picture in the book. I never said that he had to copy the pictures - he asked to see the pictures so he could chose which one he wanted to colour in.

Our third Flat Traveller arrived today. Sunday will be a whistle stop tour of the Medway as we try to introduce them to the sights and sounds of our area!

This afternoon I took S to the opticians to see if there was some visual cause behind his squints/funny faces when watching tv. According to the optician, he has perfect vision. However, I've raised the issue on our HE SP UK board and it seems that there could still be more behind it, with the optician not being able to pick up on anything other than the pure accurancy of sight. Issues such as light sensitivity, colour sensitivity etc would not be noted. Looks like I'll need to take this further.

Yesterday evening W picked up a large model of the earth from J's planetarium and said "hey, this is just like our planet". I was stunned! As far as I can tell, this has come about from the aforementioned Planet Food project, and the big picture of the earth at the start of the book that I read out to him (a lovely, classroom sized big picture book). As dh just said to me, upon hearing that story - "thank God this child won't be exposed to the school system and lose this, like the other two did".

Sums up why we homeschool, I guess.

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