Saturday, January 07, 2006

Plan the Work and Work the Plan

That is one of the mantras in network marketing, but it really goes for anything. I guess it has been brought home to me this week.

Having made the plan - the chores lists, the daily learning time target, the meals list - over Christmas, I have spent this week working that plan. And it has worked!

Ds1 has obviously decided that, barring anything special, getting down to his learning first thing in the morning is best. He is at his sharpest, and hasn't yet been distracted by the day (or his brothers). Today he worked for an hour straight, and then a short while later asked if he could return to the computer as he wanted to do some more on the science site that he'd been on.

Ds2 struggled at first, but in the end also managed an hour (though admittedly most of that was spent on the computer).

In addition to ds1's own learning today, we also worked on the road sign flash cards that we got from the UK Department of Transport. I was very proud of him when he knew all but one of them.

We then all treated ourselves with a go on our current favourite game - a freeware star wars game I currently hold the high score!

I haven't played it that much, honestly!

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