Monday, January 16, 2006

Flapjacks to the rescue

Well, no burst of positive energy this morning, so another slog of a day! The highlight has been building up an (online) friendship with a Christian homeschooling mum who recently joined our support group. It is such a relief to be able to chat with another Christian mum - we are not with a church at the moment and I am in sore need of the fellowship.

I was pleased that today ds2 got on with some work - he managed to scrape in just under an hour, but it was like pulling teeth! A friend of mine is making a reward catalogue for him. The catalogue will have trains in it, with a "price" underneath. Ds2 can earn vouchers for each completed target of learning and save them up to "buy" the trains. I hope that will help.

ds1 did ok today - his learning record is on his blog.

We made flapjacks today - one of our favourites! That was ds2's reward for meeting his target. Problem is, the batch never lasts the day as we all eat 5 or 6 by bedtime!

I'm definately feeling in need of some "me" time. Poor hubby has worked so hard recently that his time at home has been short. Tomorrow he should be off, and so he's offered to take the boys out for a while. However, in return, he's asking for help on his new website... Still, at least it will be quiet and the computer doesn't argue with me!

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