Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Did you every have one of those days...

...that didn't quite go to plan?

It started off well. In the morning, dh and I rushed around getting on with our chores, cramming as much in as possible on this, his first full day off for 11 days. He then set off with the boys to the library whilst I concentrated on his website.

Two hours of html later, with nothing but (six) telephone calls to distract me, dh called to say that work had rung and asked him to go straight in...

He rushed back, collecting a McDonalds on the way (yikes, two in a week!), as a "sorry" to the boys, dropping them (and their burgers) home, changed into his uniform, grabbed some fruit (and flapjacks!) and headed out the door.

So, I finished the half-done chores on my own!

The good news was that the boys had each done their hours learning in the morning, which made me very proud.

In the afternoon, their friend Dan and her Dad came over - with doughnuts - to play. Now, please don't get the idea that cakes play a big part of our HE lives (though it would explain why you don't see any pictures of me on my websites!). It's just a coincidence.

Oh yes, and I made some more bread pudding today..

The dust has settled, we all had fish finger sandwiches for tea (it's been one of those sort of days), the boys watched some tv, and then they both fed their Neopets. Poor ds2's pets were all starving or dying. The problem is, even when he has made target this week, he hasn't finished until the very end of the day, leaving himself no time to get online to feed them.

Talking of which, I guess I'd better feed mine! Did I mention I had a Neopet too?!

Tomorrow dh WILL be off. By law, he cannot drive for more than 12 days in a row so at least I know ONE thing that will definately be happening tomorrow!

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