Wednesday, January 18, 2006

And... relax...

Well after yesterday's whirlwind, today had to be better.

Hubby has managed to reduce the paper mountain that was our in-tray, and has done a sterling job of filing it all away. The boys both sat down this morning to do their work. Ds1 has done an hour and half, and ds2 has managed an hour. Well done boys!

At lunchtime, ds went and collecting another family from our HE support group, to bring them over for lunch. They are the youngest children in our group (along with ds3) and it is so exciting to think that they are going to receive the benefit of home education right from the start. B, who is nearly 4, played beautifully with my eldest two, obviously enjoying the chance to run around like a mad thing, with my two energetic guys! Her little brother watched it all bemusedly.

Unfortunately, just before dinner, we had a family row. It was as if some nasty wind just blew through the house - one minute we were fine, the next three of us were in tears. I've no idea where/how/why as it was all over within five minutes. I praise God that He has provided us with such strong family bonds, with unbreakable cords of love. As soon as the heat of the moment had gone, and the emotion subsided, we all made up with hugs, kisses, and words of love to heal the words spoken in anger. Just one of those things, I guess.

I managed to find the time to update our support group website with some resources for February. Keeping up to date with the planning is tough, but I'm determined to gradually build the site into something useful and valuable, not just for our own group but for others searching for home schooling advice and resources.

I've treated us to a bottle of sherry, and dh and I are shortly going to settle down for a quiet evening in. He is back at work tomorrow, on lates for the next week, so it will be our only evening together for a while more.

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