Thursday, January 19, 2006

Headaches and seagulls

This morning three out of five of the family awoke with a headache and a tummy ache (and no, it wasn't my cooking as we'd all eaten different things for dinner!).

The ds1 (ill) and ds2 sat down, bless them, after breakfast in order to do their work. Unfortunately, it just wasn't going to happen - they both got frustrated and tearful.

I made an executive decision, that today's learning was all going to be the fun stuff - no more table work. We packed up and went out to Capstone Park, which is one of our local woodland parks. I took some worksheets on identifying buds and other signs of spring, as well as some leaf identification charts. These are all great resources from the Nature Detectives site. We wandered around the lake, took in the visitors centre, and found plenty of buds - way earlier than they should be. There is a bridge across one end of the lake, and the whole of the side rail was lined with seagulls. It had to be done - we all crept to the end of the bridge, then ran across yelling like wild things, as the white cloud of birds took off!

As you may have gathered, my husband and I are little better than the children! In fact, last week ds1 said that I was "just like Grandad: he only behaves like a grown up when it is absolutely necessary". I think it was a compliment?

Once dh had left for work, we all just pottered around rather aimlessly, all waiting basically until bedtime. Everyone has been dosed up on medicine - me included! Unusually for ds1, he didn't want to stay up to read and they have all just gone to bed, at the time that ds3 usually has lights out.

Mind you, I can still hear ds2 up there...

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