Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Freedom for All

Being home educators gives you a whole different take on things.  As I previously mentioned over the years, it encourages you to look outside the "accepted" and traditional and to feel more in control of the decisions that face you.

We make our own way.

This doesn't just apply to our children's education of course.  Being a family of six with all four children having been/being home educated, has created a family dynamic that is very different to what it would have been if we'd had traditional, 9-5 jobs and all the kids had gone in to the school system.

We had already decided that self employment suited us before we took the older two boys out of school but - like many home educating parents - we have definitely found flexible employment to be better suited to our autonomous, free range, home educating style.

All of this is a VERY long winded intro to some great news: my husband has just published his first book!  This has been the result of many things: long years of ill health, two decades of theological study, the above mentioned flexible lifestyle, and finally of course our move to Margate and the change of pace and lifestyle.  All of these things have brought him to a place where he has been able to write this book and I am very, very proud of him and delighted to see him pursuing this God-given dream.

Dear reader, please consider purchasing his book and/or sharing this link with someone in your life who you know would benefit from it!

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