Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Fever

It is good to see birds in the garden. When we moved in there was just an unkempt border with ugly shrubs, an untidy lawn, and a patio. Now with most of the garden dug up for vegetables there is plenty for the blackbirds and robins to pick over. Seed and peanut feeders in the little tree has encouraged the blue tits in too.

I've cobbled together a very old upright shelf system covered with plastic to make a temporary greenhouse for my seedlings.

As well as gardening, I'm baking. I'm making use of Google Reader to subscribe to lots of lovely blogs - all things cooking (gluten and gluten free), gardening, and gardening and small holding!

Today I've made a gluten free crusty boule, chocolate shortbread, and chocolate eclairs. The photo of the eclairs was taken before the chocolate sauce went on as it was a bit runny so we just served it up in a bowl!

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