Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Jonathan being very cute the other evening, as he carefully tucked his "babies" in before he went up to bed.Jonathan running away quick in the vain hope that I would not realise it was him who had been digging in the flower pots and spreading compost all over the patio...

Today's home ed lesson was building. So I made a chair out of duplo :0)

a fully working model chair, as demonstrated by Jonathan:

My garden seems to be taking after my free range autonomous children and following its own path. Or in the case of the courgettes, following the patio. The word triffid springs to mind...
The tomatoes are cropping so heavily that they are now not only tied up, tied to the neighbours fence, but also supported by three planks!
Friends who came over for dinner last weekend, being instructed in the art of kid knex by William and Jonathan. Actually in true home ed style there was a serious lesson about balance going on; at least Chris learnt something ;0)


Freya's Staff said...

William is still the world champion spinning-top maker!

dawny said...

hey look at Jonathan sitting on the duplo chair - that's cool. Also what is SO cool is seeing that snuggy shawl - gosh Ann doesn't time fly, that really took me back to making it.

thenewstead6 said...

Dawny: its still his favourite thing! It is never that far away from him. The other boys love hearing the story about how it was made, by some lovely lady they've never met :0)
Bitter sweet memories xx