Monday, August 10, 2009

More Sleep Needed

SO much has been happening that I rarely get time to think let alone blog!

I've been really busy working on this video for Education Otherwise.

On top of that, there has been some pretty cool family stuff going on.

Samuel decided to go to Rock Camp, the 5 day youth camp for 7-11 year olds that our church runs every year. For a child with aspergers this was such a BIG deal. Going away from home for the first time, new people, new environment, crowds, noise, no privacy, shared sleeping, games, activities, constant stimulation... the list is endless.

I am achingly proud of him for not only making the decision to go, but going, seeing it through, and coming home so proud of himself too.

I have to give huge credit to our church, BCC, for being such an awesome place and to the youth workers for being such amazing people that we could entrust Samuel to them for such an important step.

Joshua then got the chance to go with the teen group from church, Baseline, to the amazing 5 day experience that is Rocknations. He had an AWESOME time and my child of God who went away has come back a young Man of God.

Jonathan had his second ever casting for a Huggies advert and we should know by midday tomorrow if he has got through to the next round or not.

Roarke has been busy, several days filming for a new film coming out next year, plus several auditions.

We all need more sleep!


Freya's Staff said...

SLEEP?? No time for sleep! Get back to work!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

All sounds like amazing things are happening for your family, well done everyone xx