Saturday, July 11, 2009

The rest of the week

Roarke finally got in a 1am Thursday morning, after his mammoth travelling session, made worse by the fact that part of the M40 had been closed.

The next morning I was up to take Jonathan to his paediatrician's appointment. To be honest, it was the same old same old. Jonathan is "obviously" thriving, happy, healthy, exceeding his "targets" therefore there can be nothing wrong. As for the colic and other symptoms he agreed it sounds like he has an issue with reflux but *shrug*....

"Just keep doing what you are doing Mrs Newstead, you are obviously doing a great job".

Interestingly, he had indeed been contacted about Jonathan's trips to A&E and the child protection flag. Guess it is a good thing he thinks I'm doing a "good job"...

In the afternoon we had another HE family over, for their two boys to play with my boys. I guess I should say "hang out with" rather than play these days.

In the evening Josh went off to his last SAVVY meeting of the term. Sunday he has the performance at GUILFEST. He's going all that way without us. Not that I'm worried. Of course not...

Friday was another marathon day. I got a train at 8am into London in order to meet with EO trustees at 10am for meetings that lasted until 3.45pm. Then we went on to Fielden House where Lord Lucas had kindly reserved a room. We meet up with some home educators who had succesfully been lobbying Mark Field MP, Ian Dowty, Lord Lucas, and some of the trustees. We were also joined by some home ed children and young people and, of course, the film crew.

Between them all we managed to film some great clips that EO are hoping to put into a promo/lobbying film. I particularly enjoyed meeting Theo, son of trustee Vicky, and Alex, one of Ian Dowty's sons. Lord Lucas made a friend in Theo when he assisted him to *ahem* make use of the House of Lords branded items lying around that Theo is rather hoping someone might wish to purchase from him via eBay! Encouraging enterprise in the young, well done Ralph!

I finally got back on a train at 8pm however as said train decided to break down, I didn't actually end up getting off the train until 9. We went straight to pick up Josh who had gone to the Baseline end of term party. I think Josh has just realised why people love parties. Maybe he has inherited even more of his Dad's genes that he thought - second generation party animal maybe?!

Today I let everyone lay in. Not that Jonathan did of course. Nor William. But Samuel made it up around 9.45 and Josh was eating breakfast by about 10.45

Roarke has been out working for Channel Advantage today at PC World. He's had his hair done differently and I can't but think he looks like Rik Mayall now... It's the straight hair. Can't get used to it. He hasn't decided if he is going to keep it or not. It certainly makes having his hair long easier though, and the part that he has got in "The Special Relationship" requires him to have his hair long.

Jonathan is learning his abc as fast as William is at the moment, and loves watching Super Why. He is also almost running around now on his cast!

I'm so desperately tired today I just didn't want to play. Didn't want to be "mum". Just wanted to be all on my own. Obviously that hasn't happened! Roarke has gone off to a bbq on his own because I'm not in a social mood, which is a shame because it would have been good (and mum had offered to have the boys for a few hours). I am hoping that I can get all the boys upstairs around 9pm because THEN I might get a few moments to myself!

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Awwww, look on the bright side... Tomorrow it might be even worse! :-)