Thursday, July 16, 2009

Actors and Boxes

Sunday saw Josh off to his first music festival, as he went with some of the lot from SAVVY to GUILFEST for a cut down performance of their show. It was hard to wave him off, knowing he was going to be away from us all day. Definately growing up!

From his reports, it sounds as if he had a good time and judging by the facebook photos, the group had a good turn out for their piece.

Roarke was working all day so I spent the day running everyone around. He'd dropped Josh off first thing in Wallington to collec the minibus, then I drove him to work, and took us all off to church. Back home, then in the afternoon I drove Samuel over to Crusaders. Back home, then out again an hour and a half later to collect Roarke from work, then Samuel from Crusaders. Back home, then out again almost immediately to go and collect Josh from Wallington!

So far this week, Roarke has also been for an audition for a tv advert, oh and he was on TV Tuesday evening! The BBC 2 "Freefall" programme was on. Roarke was one of the background stockbrokers in the office, and when the main characters walk through, you can see Roarke at his desk just by the entrance to the office where the main characters worked. Sadly, his back was to camera all the time, but what a classic back Can't complain when you get paid just for having your back to camera in a few shots!

Today Roarke is at HESFES, doing some filming for EO. It was meant to be me going and I would have loved to have met up with lots of people I know who are there, but I couldn't really have another day away from the kids.

British Gas have finally given up on our boiler, after coming out to the house between 1 and 3 times a week every week since we moved in, and we are now awaiting a new boiler. In the interim we have intermittent hot water still. On top of that my landline has gone kaput today and I have no idea why. The line is working and the phone rings but it won't connect. I am assuming the rechargable batteries in the handset have given up recharging. It will have to wait until Roarke is home and I can get out to the shops.

Jonathan is into boxes at the moment, emptying everything out so that he can get in:
It would be ok other than the fact that he can get in but rarely get out because of his plaster cast!

Last night I went out with a friend for a meal which was truly lovely. To just go out as two female friends, no kids, no husbands, just two friends taking a few hours out. For both of us that was a very rare occurance and all the more precious for it.

Monday we are due to have the fourth annual south east home educators beach day but the weather is looking dodgy. I can't decide whether or not to go ahead, and whether or not to buy an outdoor cover for his cast so that Jonathan can safely go on the sand. If we don't go its a lot of money for nothing...

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Shirl said...

Awwww, great piccies. Looks like you have all been busy, busy, busy! I hope the weather holds for Monday.

Shirl x