Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Housing and Anniversaries

Well it didn't work out for that house :0(

The housing officer who had said we could get a 4 bed was obviously mistaken - housing benefit turned it down flat even with a VERY strong letter from the doctor to say how the whole family is deteriorating due to being in 3 beds and the two autistic boys sharing.

We've taken it to our MP, to the Press, and to the Department Head - the whole process has been a shambles with different stories being given by everyone we speak to, and nothing being offered to us at all until 10 days before our official eviction date. It sucks.

Don't anyone DARE talk to ME about safeguarding my children, and them being healthy, happy and safe when the Council treat families with SEN kids like this.

The whole moving thing is so unsettling for everyone but especially for William and Samuel. Samuel is very emotional, very anxious, with all his repetative behaviour coming out. William is increasingly violent and care-less.


On a better note, a 4 bed that we had gone to see via the Council is still a possibility as it seems the landlord may be prepared to rent to us privately despite our circumstances. We'll have to wait and see how that pans out.

In the meantime we've started the long process of packing which has already involved two trips to the dump!

We've had more friends over to entertain, with a family visiting on Sunday which was very nice. We also went last week to see an old friend of mine - snakes, sun, heavy metal music, and laughter. It was GREAT!

Samuel enjoyed using chalks today. I'd got them out for Jonathan (who took to them instantly and tried taking them to bed with him!) but Samuel had a go at drawing on the patio and got really into it. My nephew was over, and him and William and Jonathan played reasonably well with the Happy Tracks too.

This evening William had a major meltdown and I'm afraid I cracked and reacted back and now I feel suitably crap about my parenting skills - or lack of.

It doesn't help that yesterday was the anniversary of Dad's death. Three years. Can you believe it? I truly can't get my head around it. I spent all day very low and dealing with the Council did NOT help. By the end of the day I had an appalling headache and I just couldn't talk or think without crying.

This morning I got up feeling a bit stronger, and the sunshine is helping.

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