Monday, April 13, 2009

Houses and Friends

Well the big news for us is that we have seen a house, found a house, that we love (this is a picture of the garden) and that would be perfect for us. It definately FEELS like it is meant to be, so now we're just trusting in God to handle the paperwork for us... we need the Dr to write the letter saying that our two kids on the autistic spectrum should not share a room (which pushes us into the 4 bed bracket) and for the Council to agree to fund the house even though it is 1.8 miles outside the Borough.

The house could have been designed for us, it so specifically meets every need, and almost every desire, that we had for accomodation for us.

Its been hard to think/see beyond that actually, though I'm sure other stuff has been going on!

Our morning service at BCC on Sunday was awesome, and I came out of church buzzing - which is surely how church is MEANT to be!

William got hurt last night, they were playing and he fell back on the corner of one of their large plastic play/storage boxes. You wouldn't think that could do so much damage, but he ended up with a huge long gash on his back, nearly 4 inches long, which seemed to bleed a lot. Needless to say, he didn't seem hardly bothered at all - made more fuss of the pain/irritation of the micropore on his skin than the pain of the gash!

Today was a lovely lovely day. Some special friends who, though dearly loved, we only get to meet up with on average once every 18 months, came over today.

We met up via the internet when Serene and I were both pregnant with our third son, who both turned out to be called William! A firm friendship between families ensued.

I had fun yesterday baking and preparing (which is, you know, kind of MY THING and actually something I love doing) and today put on a good sized spread for us all - a kind of semi Mediterranean lunch.

With seven boys between us, amazingly the afternoon passed relatively quietly with all the boys playing nicely together. Serene and Richard's kids remain some of the nicest kids I've ever met and it is lovely to see these young lads growing up when I've known them for 7 years now.

As if the day couldn't be better, there was just enough leftovers to mean I didn't have to worry about cooking dinner!


Mrs Boho said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Lots of luck with the house ... :0)

Julia Pollard said...

ooooh, good luck with the house!!!