Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The weekend

Friday morning was the usual rush to do the shopping and make a packed lunch, before going over to the rugby club hall where we meet.

This week a photographer from the Financial Times came along. He was taking pictures to accompany the EIGHT PAGE feature on home education that the FT Weekend Magazine has been working on, with our local HE group.

I've seen the photos - I don't know which ones they will use but he took some really brilliant shots of the kids having fun, socialising, making kites, using the sports equipment, and generally having a ball.

On Saturday we met up with a family who have been working up to the decision to deregister. They came over to the house for a chat, and a chance to ask all those questions that we all had!

On Monday the FT photographer came here to get some "learning" shot of the boys. Isn't it ironic, considering the usual "what about socialisation" that the editor actually said there was SO much socialisation that they needed to show some learning in the photos!

The boys obliged, with Samuel working on his Maths Upgrade (I'm so proud of him - he worked through factors and prime numbers - two things I remember struggling to "get" at school, with ease), Joshua working on more design of his board game and blogging, and William playing on Stronghold, creating a medieval castle and village.

We then did some obligatory outdoor science, which may or may not have come out alright on camera! Especially as it was starting to rain!

Joshua then went bowling with the teens, and the other two settled down nicely on Stronghold again.

Today I had the mother/baby group at church, the informal gathering that is based on the "baby boom" at church over the past 12 months, then off to the nutritionist with Jonathan. Not a lot of help again, but at least they are going to do a proper analysis of mine and Jonathan's diets to see what, if anything, we are lacking. I got the usual tosh about him lacking iron because I was still breastfeeding, but I at least now know enough to ignore that!

Roarke kindly took the time out from work to take the boys to Monkey Bizz, as I couldn't go, and he had a nice afternoon. As he put it, sitting around doing nothing for 2 hours yakking with a bunch of women wasn't exactly a hardship ;0)

Sounds like the kids had a good time too, with no meltdowns or falling out.

Jonathan now walks everywhere, and now has three words - "ta", "hello" (or rather 'lo!), and "horray/'ray'"! He has also, FINALLY started drinking out of something (other than me!), even if it is an old water bottle of his brother's....

I can't believe he'll be one on Friday!


Pig in the Kitchen said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I'm such a ditz!

Elle said...

Hope Jonathan had a brilliant first birthday on Friday.

When's the FT article coming out, would love to see it.