Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quiet Half Term

Nothing startling to report really. Same old, same old.

Hasn't the weather been AWFUL? (unless you are in Scotland where I understand the bank holiday was sunny!)

Roarke had to work, and by the end of the weekend his foot was hurting badly from standing/long drive to Leatherhead and back every day. It recovered though after a further day of rest.

Bad news - the torrential rain led to leaks developing in his office and the walls are ruined. It will take hundreds of pounds now to fix it all up - NOT what we needed.

On a more positive note, Roarke and I were asked to review a restaurant for Where 2 Eat in Kent, and so enjoyed a lovely meal at the Plough in Eynesford. Grace had the older three boys, and Jonathan was an absolute star, behaving beautifully at the table in the restaurant.

Today we met up with three other HE families at Danson Park, having arranged to go there this morning whilst it was still dry and make the most of the sunshine. An enquiring parent, looking to take her two kids out of school, came along and it was a great chance for her to ask all her questions, reassure herself that there are others out there, as well as for her children to meet other HE kids. Her son and Josh clicked seriously, which was great.

We packed up just before 2, which proved prophetic as it started to rain just as we left the car park and was throwing it down by the time we got home!

Jonathan is asleep on the sofa behind me so I'm off to catch up with a few things....

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