Monday, June 23, 2008

The Cook, The FT, and the New Man

Friday Josh has kayaking, and in the afternoon the boys and I went up the park. Unfortunately no-else turned up so it was a sad little bunch that came back home.

Saturday morning Roarke and I were up sharp, sorted Jonathan out, then went to the church kitchen to prepare lasagne and a fresh green salad for the Alpha course "away day" lunch. It was my first time cooking my own recipe, from scratch, for anyone other than family or friends (the Christmas meal we did was basically all catering, premade stuff so I don't think that counts!). I was very nervous!

However, apparently everyone had seconds, and I got several comments at church on Sunday as to how fabulous it was! I can't share the recipe as its one the kids insist is a family secret ;0)
The other big news on Saturday was the article about our home ed group appearing in the FT magazine.

Saturday evening was, of course, Dr Who. I can't believe there are only a few more episodes left; then we'll be back to the boys watching endless reruns on BT Vision....

The boys took delivery over the weekend of the new Lego Indiana Jones game for PC. As you can imagine, its been the all consuming fascination for the past few days. Actually I was grateful for it on Sunday as, after church, Roarke took Joshua up to West End Live to see the Lego Roadshow. The others wanted to go but sensibly realised that the crowds would be too much for them.

So Samuel and William instead played on the game for 2 hours, Jonathan slept, and I got some work done! Not a bad afternoon.

Having posted that picture the other day, I have to post another one. Josh has had his hair cut and my goodness me, all of a sudden my little boy looks like a man! Scary stuff, but doesn't he look good:


Sheila said...

Just read the article in FT online and have mixed feelings about it. Seemed supportive for most part, but then finished on a negative - wonder if that was delibrate.

On another matter, agree with you about Joshua - looks really grown up. It gets quite scary doesn't it?

Oh and thanks for the link in one of your blogs - much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, how did Joshua get so grown up