Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Week So Far

On Monday I met up with some of the other "baby boomer" Mums from church, which was quite pleasant, though it made the morning a bit of a rush trying to fit everything else in.

Joshua went to his bowling with Roarke, and I got some baking done.

Tuesday we took the boys out in the morning and treated them all to a comic and some sweets. Joshua also bought some more books, which I'm hoping he'll post about on his book blog soon.

In the afternoon, after a rushed lunch, it was down to the indoor play area with the group. Some new faces, and lots of old ones (!), making six families in all.

Yesterday was a bits and pieces day - we seemed very busy but I'm not actually sure what we did! I know in the afternoon one of our HE friends popped in, which was good.

I had through a SCQ to fill in for William, and he scored a point higher than we got when we filled it in for Samuel... will be interesting to see this diagnosis unfolding.

When we went to the Historic Dockyard I bought a knot tying set for Joshua. He's working his way through the book and is learning lots of the knots - even Samuel has got interested and learnt some! He starts the level one sailing in a week's time. I really hope he gets on with it well, as I know he's very nervous about him.

Again, what a change, that he is even considering doing something like that - without any of his brothers.

This morning our May Day had an unusual start.

When I got into the kitchen I looked out of the window and saw a fox cub on the grass. We know we have a litter, but this cub looked very small and was just lying there. There was no sun, so it wasn't as if it was warming itself in the sun.

I went closer and saw that it was injured. Looked like one of its front legs was broken and it had obviously been out for a large part of the night as it was soaked, shivering, and barely conscious.

I wrapped it up carefully brought him indoors whilst we phoned the RSPCA to get the Fox Project's number.

As the cub warmed up, it came round and struggled so, in order to keep it contained (it couldn't walk) but without hurting or distressing it, we put it in our sports equipment holder (courtesy of Sainsbury sports vouchers for the group, looks like a large travel pen) in Roarke's office where we could put the heater on.

The lady from the Project sent the local wildlife ambulance they arrived within a hour of us calling, to take the poor thing away. They said they were already having a busy day (it was about 9.45 by then) - must be the weather!

Talking of the weather, I don't know about you, but since this morning here we have had thundery showers. I am sensitive to air pressure and have an appalling headache. I feel like someone hits my head - usually just before we get some lightening!

Despite this, I've made some bread, caught up on some emails, remembered to go and vote, and am now trying to blog whilst Jonathan is asleep.

The boys have pottered around, all feeling "under the weather" - literally! William has made another mediavel castle on Stronghold, Joshua has finished his blog from last week, and has been reading, Samuel looked after Jonathan for me this morning and then has played outside between the showers. He's now watching his Friends Scene It - must to ALL our distress!

Jonathan continues to walk, but mainly to get attention (a clap and a cheer!) rather than as a means of getting from A to B. He has cut his 7th tooth though!

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