Sunday, April 27, 2008

Warmer Days

It's been a busy but good week.

We all enjoyed the Dockyard Trip. It was bitter sweet for me though, as Dad was stationed there when in the Navy. Roarke bought me a minature bottle of Pussers Rum so that I could toast "absent friends" in memory.

Jonathan is walking! Yes, in the past 4 days he's gone from two steps between furtniture to walking all the way across the room from sofa to sofa (about 6-7 feet) without falling over. He only does it to show off, rather than to chose to do it to get places, but that will do doubt change rapidly! That puts him exactly at the same time as William and Samuel (he was 10 1/2 months).

Joshua enjoyed sailing on Friday, whilst I took Samuel and William to the gathering in Bromley at the hall. The weather was glorious so the kids had a great time outside. Samuel was in his element as there were mainly girls there, so he could be the big strong boy ;0)

I had some lovely feedback from the lady who runs the Bachtrack Project. They contacted EO a while ago trying to encourage home educated kids to get involved with the young reviewer idea. She said that the reviews she has had from HE kids have been amazing, so mature, such good writing, and she is very impressed.

Roarke spent Saturday in York for an EO Council meeting, so we had a reasonably quiet day here pottering around in the garden. Samuel built a brick edged area for the boys to dig in, and I dug over the vegetable patch ready for transplanting the leeks.

Jonathan crawled around on the grass - his first proper outdoor experience!

Unfortunately, he has either eaten something he is allergic to, or picked something up, or has a bug, but his limbs are covered all over with a tiny red rash. It looks a bit like a sweat rash but is not in his "sweaty" places. Its come and go a few times in the past 24hrs but looks quite bad this evening :0( He also had a bad colicky night and a foul nappy which is why I think it could be something allergic.

We enjoyed Dr Who on Saturday too; not as educational as the week before (talking about slavery) or the week before that (Pompei!), but a jolly good watch!

Oh, Friday evening they had two friends from church (schooled) over to watch two Dr Who episodes as they had been in New Zealand for 3 weeks and had missed them all. It kept everyone quiet for me for a while!

Jonathan is now in a toddler bed, giving him more room to wriggle in his sleep. Other than last night with the colic, he has slept longer (2 hours) between feeds which is nice.

Roarke's training is going well for the triathlon. This evening I dropped him off to do a 5km run back home, which he managed in his target time. Still only half the distance he'll need to do in August though!

Watch out for sponsorship appeals soon! (Asthma UK)

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Bridget said...

We don't have a TV, but my three eldest children have spent Saturday evenings at my Mums for the last couple of weeks so they could watch Dr Who. My youngest is 16 months, no matter how many you have, walking is still so surprising and exciting isn't it?