Monday, April 21, 2008

Quiet Week, and Remembering

I must say thank you firstly for all the lovely comments that many people have sent me, on and off the lists, to support Samuel. It has taken him a few days, but he's a lot calmer now, and is thinking over some of the ideas people suggested as to how he can "use" his story to help other kids.

Baby Jonathan (10 1/2 months) took his first, proper, unaided step today! That actually makes him the slowest to walk in the family - all the others were walking properly by this age - but that's cool because he is such a bundle of energy and runs us all ragged, just crawling! Its amazing that with three older brothers, and three adults around all the time, we still have trouble keeping up with him!

Samuel is doing well on his typing; he's overtaken Joshua but that's to be expected because of Joshua's dysgraphia.

Josh is champing at the bit, having gone two weeks without sailing to the holidays!

They've played lots on the Stronghold game, which I'm happy to encourage, and also with some new board games we got off of freecycle (two Harry Potter games, a Lord of the Rings chess set, and a game of life kind of game).

Roarke is very busy with his Trustee activities; we're having to be careful as we seem to be spending more time on our non-incoming generating activities than on our income generation...

Because of the school holiday, its been quiet, with few activities other than the teen gathering, a trip to the park (where we met up with some new home educators which was great), and an invite out to a family from church, for tea (which made a change).

We borrowed the Indiana Jones series of films from those friends, which we've watched as "family movie night" for a few nights (except of course for Dr Who night on Saturday!). This has been good as they have stimulated a lot of questions. We've talked about religion, Nazi Germany (the burning of the books in one scene got us started on a great conversation), ethics, archeology, myths.... all good HE material ;0)

Today is is two years since Dad died, and I've just come back from the Crematorium, where Mum and I went over to spend some time in the Garden of Remembrance - doing just that, remembering. I know he's "not there" but, just as Dad and I used to attend all those Legion Remembrance Parades, this is MY way of marking out my rememberance of him.

It hurts. When is it meant to not hurt so hard that you can't breath?


Bridget said...

My Dad's been gone 7 years, I still really cry for him at times.
Glad Samuel's feeling a bit better.

Wobblymoo said...

I lost my dad 25 years ago when I was 15 and I still get moments where the air just isn't there, the birth of children, grand children, moments he would be so proud. I'm glad Samuel is feeling a bit better and hope he can use the experience positively. Also make sure you don't overdo the voluntary things, it is ok to say no.