Thursday, April 03, 2008

Not a good end to the day

Lots of the usual stuff going on, same old, same old.

Parks, visiting friends, following their own learning plans.

Club Penguin has also hit this household, thanks to a thread on one of the home ed lists!

Joshua started "filming" today for his lego movie, Samuel had a huge success selling (out!) his home made shortbread at a local HE event, in aid of NAS and the Lego Club competition.

Today William had his first assessment as part of the diagnosis process. The lady doctor was quite aggressive about home ed, and Roarke said this was his first real experience himself of this.

However, things like this were all quickly blown out of our minds.... I heard Jonathan crying (Roarke had him in waiting room whilst I went in with William) and thought Roarke was going to be bringing him in for feeding. Instead, there was a pounding on the door and a scared looking Roarke (and staff member) said I had to come immediately.

Jonathan had started coughing, then choking, then heaving up tons of mucus - pouring out of his nose as well as his mouth. Roarke had been giving him some of his maize snacks, but he couldn't believe that it was one of those that had caused problems.

The staff kept saying he'd be ok, and was just scared (the baby) but I wasn't happy. I asked them to phone A&E and we took him straight up there.

Anyway, to cut a long, tiring, worrying story very short, when we finally got back home (after hospital weren't a lot of help, saying they wouldn't xray) he threw up a small, hard metallic flat Christmas tree - you know, the sort of "confetti" that you put on Christmas cards.

He had obviously got it off the floor at the centre. So much for the doctor saying if it had gone down it couldn't hurt.... jagged hard metallic edges..

Poor lamb. He was so distressed, never would believe the body could produce so much mucus. Within seconds of bringing it up he was smiling for the first time in 6 hours, and wanted to get down and play.

That now means I've been to A&E with all four of my boys at least once!


Wobblymoo said...

eeek, what a very scary moment for you all, glad everything is ok now xx

Elle said...

Glad all back to normal now! Scary stuff.

Would love to see Joshua's Lego film when it's done - can you post it on your blog? Ben loves making Lego films and watching some on UTube so I know he'd be interested.


dawny said...

oh my gosh that's awful , the a&e weren't much use , poor little love, pleased it came up .
hugs xxx

A Life Less Simple said...

Poor little thing, glad everything turned out ok(-ish)