Thursday, March 27, 2008

And I don't send my kids to school because....

... today a group of school kids, dressed in the uniform of a local school, the Priory, stuffed an abandoned car just up the road from us full of paper and set light to it - trying to set fire to the sub station that it was next to.


Did they learn this anti-social behaviour in school? At home? Whose "fault" is this?

All I know is that, by being home educated, my kids are surrounded by other kids who do not see such behaviour as cool, clever, a way to get attention, or a good way to stop feeling bored.


Wobblymoo said...

There must be some reason these kids do this and I would agree my children don't feel the need to join in with their peers if it doesn't feel rigt to them

Carlotta said...


re: anti-social school's hard not to strive to simply keep out their way and as a rule we are lucky enough to be able to do this.

The closest we have come to this sort of problem recently - in London on the buses...something that has been reported as a problem on the Beeb this am.

We only travelled on the buses a couple of times on our most recent visit to London, but both our journeys coincided with the school leaving time. The bus was packed with school children - no seats available for anyone else, not even a very elderly person or a mum with a babe in arms.

There was a constant flow of unpleasant and threatening language, albeit directed at each other, but I still resented the fact that my children had to listen to it.

Worse by far, the school pupils made it completely impossible for a mum with 3 young children, one in arms and the other 2 under 5, to get off the bus. She missed her stop and had to walk a long way back, having been terrified that she would lose her balance, hurt her own kids, lose her possessions.

And we are supposed to want to use use public transport!

A Life Less Simple said...

Hi, I drop into your blog from time to time and always enjoy reading it (I was home educated myself, but am now out in the wonderful world of work...) thought I would leave a comment to let you know that I've added a link to your page on mine, if that's not ok let me know and I'll take it down.

Shirl said...

I know .... similar sort of thing happens here.

Home ed is definitely the way to go!