Monday, February 11, 2008

How Long?!!

I can't believe how long it is since I last posted! I knew it was a while, but... I haven't written anything since Samuel's birthday!

Well, there is no way I can remember everything, but there are a few things that are worth catching up on.

Jonathan's appointment went ok. We didn't get any answers, but they are going to do blood tests, and will do a milk challenge before he is 1, if I ask for it (in other words, if he doesn't go onto formula, and I decide I want to stop breastfeeding).

The paed reckoned I could stop with the diet, other than the dairy, soya and egg and I did, for a few days, relax things. Jonathan didn't react hugely, though he DID get worse again with colic, but I really did! My insides are definately not normal and obviously have enjoyed the lean diet.

Talking of which, my appointment for my "procedure" (think cameras both ends...) is this week and I am seriously stressing about it..

I got involved with the Baby Led Weaning forum, which has been really good, and amongst the various gems I came across, was this blog from where I got this recipe, which Jonathan LOVES! Me and him can both eat these muffins and we've eaten loads! Quite a recommendation considering I don't like things that are banana flavoured.

I've been doing much more baking, trying to vary the boy's lunches. As well as their usual bread, they've had home made gf pizzas, pasties (which I was very pleased with), savoury choux buns (ham and cheese), and scones.

I made some vegan biscuits for me and Jonathan that were almost like shortbread, but sadly fell short. Any egg, soya and dairy free recipes for cakes or biscuits PLEASE give them to me!

Jonathan definately prefers being more in control of his own food - I guess that is understandable for an on-demand, breast fed baby. He has gluten free toast with either sunflower spread, and/or marmite, or humous on it in the morning. Lunch varies - it might be a home made chicken "nugget", something like one of those muffins, or soaked raisins, roasted vegetables etc. He doesn't exactly have dinner, but might have a rice cake, or if he feeds late, then he'll have some fresh sliced pear (which he really loves). In true baby led weaning style he doesn't have mush, or even little slices, but I peel the pear and give it to him and he gnaws away at it until he's had enough!

Cute little teeth marks - it reminds me of when I had a gerbil....

Joshua had teen bowling today, and has also been spending time at the weekends with his mate from church, now having progressed to being confident enough to walk the 20 mins or so walk to his mate's house, through the recreation ground.

This weekend, he goes away for the FIRST TIME EVER! Other than to his Nan's, he's never been overnight anywhere without us. But he's off to Halls Green with the young people from church (12s and overs) for two nights and three days. Lots of abseiling, low ropes, swimming, cleaning rotas, wide games and general staying up late.

He is absolutely cool about it, very casual, can't BELIEVE how this lad has grown and has finally shed the insecurities learned from school and has blossomed into SUCH a decent, fun loving teenager. Makes me all weepy and silly just thinking about it.

Needless to say I am NOT CASUAL about it, and am having many sweaty, clammy worrying thoughts about it.

Tomorrow we are off to the Old Operating Theatre for a trip, which should be good.

Having taken the decision, reluctantly, that we are going to have to stay here at Mum's for a while longer, whilst we save up to replace our "deposit" money (used when Roarke was made redundant), we have been planning the necessary changes to be able to make better use of the accomodation we have. The 3 older boys are going to share the largest bedroom, with two in bunks, and as the place for all their toys. Then, the small room (currently Joshua's bedroom) will become their own private sititing room, with the pc that they can play dvds on, and hopefully in the end we can also get them a freeview box and television (from freecycle I hope), and the place they can do their studies.

Josh doesn't like the idea of losing his own space, but he appreciates that having a sitting room especially when mates are over, will be better than squashing into his bedroom at the moment.

We're also building Roarke an office in the outbuildings, so that he can cancel the office and put the money for rent into the savings account instead.

I found out today that our LA (Bromley) has finally replaced their HE "inspector/visitor" person and so I booked in for them to visit us - planning to kill two birds with one stone by sussing them out and finding just how closely they are going to be following the Government's Guidelines...

This week Samuel has his "play assessment", then I have a two hour diagnostic interview, all leading to a final diagnosis meeting in a few weeks time. I've also got to take Jonathan for his blood tests.

A quiet week then!

So how are you all? Must catch up on YOUR blogs too!


Anonymous said...

I read this as "teen bawling".


Wobblymoo said...

Try not to get too stressed about the test xx I did some vegan chocolate chip cookies the other day that were nice, but not sure what they'd be like with gluten free flour and of course Jonathan possibly couldn't manage the chips. Must be hard living in someone elses home

alma said...

I haven't replied before but confess I've been reading your blog for a while - I so admire you. Regarding dairy, egg, soya and gluten free biscuits, do you use PURE dairy and soya free marge. I find it blends really well with sugar and a mix of flours (rice, buckwheat (gluten free), potato, gram etc) - just blend ingredients til it's like soft playdough and pat into biscuit shapes. Add cocoa or cinnamon for extra yummy.

All the best.