Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A quick post

Wow, two posts in a week! This is a rare luxury!

Much to my amazement, our daily "must do" 15 minutes of work is continuing. William wrote out some letters, then read some of his ladybird book with Nan. Joshua blogged and emailed.

Samuel conquered long division!

I'm so proud of him. He actually sailed through it and kept saying "why did I find this hard?". I think that he found the explanation on the site very confusing for him (not the site's fault, simply down to his SEN) but having me talking over their talky bit, in language that made more sense to him, it clicked what they meant. He is actually very good at numbers so once he understands, he flies through.

Talking of which, William's maths is amazing! All the maths he does on Education City he gets 100% on, doesn't need help, and often clicks the answers before the programme finishes "speaking" the instructions!

I was able to quite honestly say to Samuel that I had learnt with him; I hated long division at school, as despite being in the top set, I never "got" it and had my own secret way of finding the answers. I reminded Samuel of when he first left school and we sat down to some maths - long division - and I carefully went through it with him, only to find at the end when we looked up the answers, that I was wrong! Today, watching him do this section, I finally got it too!

I can now do long division the "proper" way!

Home ed rocks ;0)

Jonathan yesterday pulled himself upright at the sofa, and has spent all day polishing this skill. He now can't be left for a second, or he is out the door, under the table, turning of the pc, turning ON the video, or trying to untangle the wires by the BT home hub box!

He is also already convinced he can stand without holding on, but instead he's getting very good at falling over!

Last week I spent a memorable (ahem!) 5 hours tidying Samuel and William's room. I've decided to expect much less from them in the way of tidying up. In trying not to do what my mum did (which, it seems with hindsight, was to do too much for us) I think I went the other way and expected too much - especially from two aspies. So now I tidy most of it each night, but leave the bits I know they know how to tidy, and/or are still playing with, for them to do. It seems to be working.

Today I spent 2 hours doing Joshua's. Considering his room is 1/4 the size of theirs, and he was tidying too, that shows that his was AT LEAST as bad as theirs!

I'm really, REALLY missing Roarke. We just don't do being apart. It doesn't work for us AT ALL! Lots of late night texting from under the bedclothes... :0)

Following this thought about histamine and Jonathan, lead me to Salicylate sensitivity - which I've suspected for a while that I have as I tick most of the boxes . Looking forward to discussing all this with the nutritionist.

Meantime, the start of last night was much better with him, with even a gap of 2 3/4 hours at one point, but then I was up from 4.30 sitting up with him, yelling all the time, so it didn't end so good :0(

Well, I won't push my luck by writing much more - just glad to have had a few moments in the day!

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Wobblymoo said...

Actually tomato sensitivity is quite common I believe, as they are part of the night shade family. Hope you find a bit of relief soon though