Monday, November 12, 2007

Slow Start to the Week

I was meant to go on a catering course today but after another rough night, got up with a pounding headache, sore throat and cough. The idea of sitting in a classroom all day didn't appeal..

However, home proved not to be a quiet option!

Roarke took the boys out in the morning to the library and Jonathan cooperated by sleeping for an hour and a half out with them. Meanwhile I caught up on emails, phone calls and posting stuff out with my local contact hat on.

William worked alone on one of his sticker alphabet books. I printed off the worksheets to go with the Ladybird books he's doing with mum, just in case he wants to do them with her.

Samuel finally got around to listening to the French CD he got out of the library. I need to let him look up the internet links tomorrow.

Jonathan seemed to react badly to last night's slow cooker meal of beef and lentils. Don't think its intolerance, just the natural properties of lentils ;O)

He's taking ages to settle of a night. Not because he won't go to sleep but as he lays down the tummy bubbles start and, unsurprisingly, he'd rather be held and snuggled than left on his own. So up and down the stairs I go, soothing and cuddling! I used to keep him in my arms downstairs, but the noise and lights are starting to get through to him so he doesn't sleep properly till he is in his cot. Mind you, he's only in it till around 2 at the latest, then I give up and have him in with me! Easier to soothe him, and we both get back to sleep quicker!

Good job we have a king size...

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Wobblymoo said...

Really hope you get some rest soon, don;t take too much on, you have to look after yourself too