Saturday, November 10, 2007

Even More Tired!

Monday's post sparked off some comments; thank you!

I think this week has continued to make my point. Samuel is, for some reason, really struggling at the moment and William is also at that really tough point of behaviour/growth that is leading to some clashes. But this is down to their SEN, and nothing to do with HE. In fact, it would have been so much worse if they had been in school.

My stress also comes from having so little sleep at the moment.. And, on cue, Jonathan has just started to yell!

argh, and now the chair broke (don't laugh!)

Back in a moment....

Back! And yes it did break. Ok, not in a way to get me any money from You've Been Framed, but the joints just came apart as I stood up!

Anyway, where was I?

This week has been quite wearing. Business meetings. New orders for websites. William is progressing well on his reading, going into his Nan's room at least once a day for up to an hour at a time. Brilliant! So glad that I left him till *he* was ready.

Samuel has started work designing his "company" website! He's been watching me working this week and I've been giving a running commentary on the html, so now he's having a go.

Joshua had more sailing, and has been writing more blog entries for the book blog.

I've just been out to see of some teens smashing up our fence... I felt sorry for them actually, as I don't think they were ready for me to go out there like that! I drew on all my stress/tension from the week ;O) I went out with the phone in my hand, and stood in front of them, on the phone, giving their description to the police! I don't think it occured to them until too late to run...

The police won't come, I know, but hopefully the experience might make them think twice next time. They didn't look bad lads; just mucking around but without any thought. They weren't consciously trying to break our fence, just running up and jumping on it. I realise it just doesn't occur to most of these schooled kids what they are doing. No thought of consequences.

Hopefully, they might be thinking of them now!

Well, I did have in mind to write some long post, catching up, lots of deep thought and stuff, but now I realise I'm just not up to it. Last night Jonathan woke every hour, exactly, and screamed with colic, so it's fair to say I'm ready for bed!


Wobblymoo said...

I caught some young girls pulling out my hedge this week and I called the police, the sad thing was one of girls (13) is already known to the police and all I had to do was give our road name and her first name and they went straight round to 'have a word'.

Anonymous said...

(((Ann))). Lack of sleep is wearing, I know form experience! M (now 9) had colic it was terrible, it lasted for a while - he was 9 months when he grew out of it. Sorry!
We're having 'personality' clashes here too. Its hard when everything is happening at once, look after yourself.

Jules said...

I've just caught up and wanted to offer (((hugs))) I'm having similar sleep deprivation here courtesy of my 2 year old. He seems to think that he doesn't really need to go to bed until 2am, and then just 2 hours will do so it's all go at 4am. Not sure how much longer I can go on in this zombie like fashion...