Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nominations Needed

Posting this for a family in our home ed group. Nominations close this Sunday so please, if you can, send an email for them:


Hi everyone,

Please can you help my Grand daughter to get sponsorship. She is 10 years old and she is already a British Champion in Acrobatic Gymnastics. She trains every day and tries so hard.

Her Mum is a single parent and the cost of her training, travel and costumes are a great strain on her very limited finances. If she gets through the trials for the international competition she will have to travel abroad. Rebekah has learning difficulties and therefore her Gymnastics Career is so very important to her for her future. It's the one thing she can do really well.

If you can do this I know her Mum would be so grateful. So would I be.

All you have to do is send an email.

Please can you send the following message:

I would like to nominate Rebekah Cook to this email address: star@arriva.

Rebekah went to another competition this weekend. She was going, the coach informed my daughter, for experience alone. She, at only 10 years old, would be competing against children who had several more years competition experience than her and that as this was the Clubs first entry into this particular competition they stood no chance of winning.

My daughter drove 7 and a half hours with this in mind, knowing that Bekah has just been told she must enter another trials competition on 1st December, and knowing just as well that she was having to spend the very last of a loan on getting Bekah to this competition. All the while the warning that Bekah stood no chance of being placed anywhere near the medal rankings was echoing around my daughter's head.

All this way, all this money, all that training and trying and perfecting moves for nothing more than to see her daughter hurt and dejected on the long tiring journey home?

It was a long journey too - They got home at 2.30 in the morning, having driven the round trip in 48 hours. My daughter phoned me, clearly exhausted.

She said there had been problems, the tempo had let Rebekah down.... it didn't look good.

Then she said "... but the clever so and so won Silver and was only POINT ONE of a mark away from Gold. I am still the proudest Mum in the world!"

I'm the proudest Grand mother too and would like to say WELL DONE REBEKAH, to thank those of you who have voted for her to win the Arriva Bus Search For A Sports Star Award which offers £500 to the winner (a sum which will almost cover Rebekah's gym fees for the next year and is so desperately needed), and a plea to those who have yet to do so to email Arriva at star@arriva. and register your vote for Rebekah Cook, Northern Region.

And pass it on... please!


Wobblymoo said...

Done, good luck rebekah

Lady Liberty said...

So to change the topic. But I think one of your sons has a Neopet account. There is a new game there as advertisement for Scholastic’s Animal Genius.