Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Regular Tuesday

This morning was Mum's day for looking after my nephew so we had five children in the house!

I managed to get the chance to get both the older two boys going on their blogs. I decided that, in order to get the maximum "learning" value out of them blogging, instead of correcting any mistakes myself I would write down what needed changing and email it to them. That way, they then had to work through the email and the changes, (hopefully) taking in the points that I had therefore had a chance to explain.

It seems to be working ;0)

After lunch, we went out to Monkey Bizz. The weather was appalling and driving along the A2 was extremely unpleasant. Once there, it was the usual mixed bag; I love the chance to talk with the other parents, and we enjoy some really good conversations - sometimes funny, sometimes heavy - but I find the constant noise, bright lights, and loud music very tiring.

As the boys are currently not strictly gluten free, their behaviour is always only a few steps away from "hyper" and sadly a trip to this place always tips the balance! But it is still a great chance for them to mix. I think today the ages were from 4 (excluding two babes-in-arms) to 12. We had three with aspergers there too, and all boys, so actually it was a remarkably peaceful time!

After dinner this evening, Joshua and Samuel went online and each did some more work; Samuel on his Maths Upgrade and Joshua on Education City.

I've now got a splitting headache but I'm trying to get some coding work done for Roarke's website (blogging is me going off on a tangent!), before hopefully settling everyone down for the night.

Can I just draw your attention to this page on EO's campaign website, and today's item about the DWP Consultation on changes to benefits? It wouldn't hurt for as many of us as possible to respond, as it has the potential to affect many, many home educating families.

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Wobblymoo said...

I pretend I dn't understand Nathan if he spells incorrectly using msnmessenger, he has made startling progress :)So yes it works well