Thursday, August 23, 2007

Answers to Prayer

God is good!

My "regular readers" will know that we recently lost our family car thanks to the floods, which we are not in a position to replace (the insurance pay out covered the remaining loan on the car, but as Roarke is newly self employed, we can't get another one), which means we can't go anywhere as a family together.

We've been praying a lot about this, as have many friends in the church. To be honest, I couldn't see a way out of it.


Today, we became the (very) proud owners of another 7 seater!

A Christian that we know contacted us last week and said that he felt God had placed our situation on his heart, and he believed it was right for him to offer us his car.

I can't begin to describe our thanks, and our enormous appreciation to him and his family for what they have done. Their kindness, and generousity of spirit, has just made a HUGE impact on our family life, and really lifted our spirits. I really pray that God has a similarly HUGE blessing in store for this guy and his family, in return for what they have done.

Just awesome. Really awesome.

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Mieke said...

It just gives a whole new meaning to the words blessing and miracle, don't you think? So wonderful, so happy for you!