Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Still Here Then?"

Nothing exciting to report!

At that stage where everyone who meets you says things like "still here then?", "still pregnant then?", "not had him yet then?" and other well meaning phrases...

Saturday I was pleased to have a spurt of energy, resulting in some more tidying, cleaning and cooking. Roarke has done so well over the past month, cooking nearly all the weekday meals, but I know he's found it tough. He's also found it hard to cope with when things don't get eaten up!

So, Saturday, with Roarke working, I determined to cook "properly" and we had a home made, authentic, spring vegetable Italian pasta sauce. The boys devoured it, which was rewarding!

I'd forgotten how nice it was to cook...

Sadly, the energy didn't last until Sunday, especially as I had a bad night again. Back to the "easy" meals using shop bought sauces!

Sunday actually was a long day, as our church launched its 40 Days of Community, and the Try Church campaigns.

Yesterday I met up with the person from Bromley LA who deals with home educating families, and we caught up on the latest topics (such as the consultation) and came up with a few things for each other to consider/look into. I'm happy for the chance to maintain this "line of communication".

In the afternoon, I took part in a telephone interview for Radio Oxford, along with an amazing family from Oxford who came across very, very well.

My feet are really uncomfortable now, as are my hands, with all the swelling. I can only wear a pair of old summer/beach type shoes! They go down overnight, if I remember to prop the end of the bed up with cushions. In fact, I have so many cushions from the sofa in the bed with me, that to be honest, I'm seriously considering just sleeping downstairs on the sofa! I always go down there once I wake after around 5am anyway, as by then I am usually too uncomfortable to get back to sleep, so I go down and sit up on the sofa, and usually manage to doze off again for another hour or so.

Today I met up with some of the other pregnant ladies from our church, for our regular lunch, which was very pleasant - especially as it turned out to be such a sunny day.

The boys meanwhile have a daily devotional to do from the 40 Days of Community series (as do we adults) which is forming part of their "learning". Joshua also spent time on some of the countryside/environmental sites, and Samuel did some more reading of his Where's Wally geography series.

William sat down and copied out his numbers, 1 to 10, which were really good. He is still such a perfectionist though, and was in a huge strop with himself because he couldn't get the top and the bottom of his number 8 to look the same...

The boys also did some baking with Roarke whilst I was out: Samuel made his shortbread, Joshua made a chocolate cake, and William made a large chocolate crispie cake.

We are due tomorrow to go to a traditional, Yoruban naming ceremony for our friend's new baby son - we may or may not have some of the baked goodies left to take with us!

Tomorrow will actually be a very busy day: I have a medical appointment at 9.30, then the ceremony at 11, 4pm we need to be at the hospital, and at 7.45pm we have the first of the community group meetings at our house!

Definately NOT a day to go into labour, then.... :0)


Emma said...

Hmmm...perhaps that's the nudge Jonathan needs to come out - knowing you have a busy day ahead!

Hoping the last few days of your pregnancy go well and that you're not kept waiting for too much longer now.
Take care. x

Anonymous said...

Hope you're not kept waiting. Best wishes