Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Baby stuff

Update following consultant appointment:

Saw the registrar who had seen me on the labour ward, which was handy, and she referred to the Consultant... upshot is that yes they have agreed that if I haven't gone into labour before, they will induce me on 6th June (at 40 weeks).

She examined me and said actually I have started dilating, so she had a "rummage" (a technical gyny term!) and said that may help get things going even more.

I remember the midwife, with Samuel, teaching Roarke how to "rummage" and telling him to do it regularly to try and get things going!! *shudders*

So, we'll wait and see - but at least I know that I have only 2 weeks left at most.

On the subject of babies, went to the christening/naming ceremony of our friends' little lad today, which was really lovely. William was very taken with the little bundle and I think he's going to be so made up when Jonathan is born.

Hope it will make him eat... things are now at a terrible state, and I'm failing dismally in my "let's not mention it for 4 days" policy. Lunch consisted of 2 slices of cold egg, a packet of crisps, and a slice of chocolate crispie cake (as we were out, we didn't have any gf stuff for him other than the cake we'd taken to the christening). Despite that, when he was given dinner 5 hours later, (when you'd think he'd be starving) he took over an hour to get half way through his dinner (chicken casseroled, with mash, so very sloppy etc) and I had to feed him the rest - which took another 20 minutes.

Not good.


Emma said...

It's great to know that there's only a fortnight to go once you get to this stage isn't it? Hoping that Jonathan will make his appearance earlier so you don't have to go through an induction, and hoping he won't require too much 'rummaging', lol!
I'm sure that's the last thing you want at the moment.
Take care. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
"rummaging" is good, fingers crossed it does the trick and gets things moving asap.
Hugs about the eating thing for william. It isnt easy is it when they are fussy. But look at it this way he ate carbohydrate, protein and fats, thats three food groups and very good though of course it doesnt feel it. (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Glad that you won;t be kept waiting! Fussy eaters, I have one who is very fussy, hardly eats anything, I don't make a fuss as I knopw it does'nt work. Just thought I'd add, that I used to be a fussy eater until I got to about 14 then I did'nt stop eating!! Try not to worry.