Monday, April 09, 2007

What to do with all that packaging

Someone asked on one of the HE lists for ideas on what to do with all the waste left over from easter eggs.

Approximately 80 million eggs will be sold in the UK this year, generating more than 4,000 tonnes of card. An average 200g chocolate egg comes with around 50g of cardboard - on average Easter egg consist of about 20% chocolate and 80% packaging.

Some local authorities have set up recycling points specifically aimed at packaging from easter eggs.

So, what are my ideas?

You can use the plastic that they come in, especially if its something like bunnies, for moulds for chocolate making, jelly moulds, or even for putting paster of paris in etc to make models.

Save the foil for craft days - if you can encourage the kids to open it carefully rather than rip it off! I also save any ribbons, or bows etc that come with them (particularly found on bunnies).

Or, try this:

Cover the plastic packaging shell from a shop-bought Easter egg in petroleum jelly. Rip up bits of old newspapers and soak them in a paste and water solution. Apply a layer of paper over the egg mould and leave until almost dry. Add another six layers in the same way – you may prefer to use white or coloured paper for the final layer. Leave the mould to dry out completely for a day or two, then carefully pull the mould away from the papier mâché egg and decorate it with paint etc.

If you've paid out for "themed" eggs (eg power rangers, dora the explorer etc) you can get the kids to cut out the pictures to use to make their own scene of their favourite character

This site is a good one to bookmark, as you can search on how to recycle different objects - everything from jiffys to hard hats!

Hope those things give you some ideas!


Emma said...

That's a great site Ann, thanks.
I'm useless at jelly moulds for some reason. No matter what I try they always get stuck and won't come out the moulds in one piece.
hope you're keeping well. x

dottyspots said...

Apparently it helps if you warm to mould before turning out (softens the outside of the jelly).

Carlotta said...

Thanks for the suggestions and links. Finding more and more time to become an obsessive recycler of late, having not had the energy when Dd was younger.