Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Craft Day

Yesterday we had a craft day for the group, at our house.

The weather was fine, so I was able (to my relief!) to have everyone out in the garden. This meant when the red paint got knocked over, at least it was only the grass that got painted..

We used the milk bottle mask worksheet from Kent County Council's Scrapstore website.

These are some of the finished masks:

I think they did well!

I just about coped... I'm not a very natural arts and crafts kinda person, but I bravely ignored all the mess and mayhem!

We all had a picnic lunch (shivering, as the sun had gone in then!) and the boys then played football.

Roarke then took the boys out to the library so that I could put my feet up. Feet which are heading for elephant size now!

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IndigoShirl said...

What lovely masks!....:0)

Thanks for the link too.