Friday, January 12, 2007

Losing the plot, or at least, the post

Oh no, just wrote a post, took me 10 minutes, and the computer crashed!


I hate that. Really don't feel I can be bothered to write it again!

What were the salient points?


Two hormonal boys, one little lad getting the brunt of it and feeling left out.

Aspie son who now thinks he's "odd" and "weird" and told me he doesn't "want to be like this any more", thereby breaking my heart.

Baby doing well - all tests fine. Me - not so good and down for more monitoring/told to take things easy..

Kleeneze doing well, Roarke thinking of quitting full time work to run that, and be home more to help me (see above comment)..

Joshua doing well with his english, which I've realised is part of the BBC's RAW campaign.

William doing very well - impressing us all with his ability to do sums in his head.

That about covers it - a lot shorter than the first post!

Oh, and I'm off to make a fish pie. One of our Kleeneze customers rang the doorbell last night and gave us 3 1/2 pounds of fresh fish (he's a fishmonger, naturally!) which he wouldn't let us pay for. Very kind! So, fish pie tonight for us all, and hopefully home made fish cakes tomorrow.


Linda said...

Poor you with two hormonal boys, one is bad enough. Mine are a year apart though so I'm sure the younger one will soon join in. I'm buying earplugs and a padded cell for me to hide in, lol!

Qalballah said...

I hate it when they break your heart :(

I hope he learns to love himself as much as you love him ... I suppose if we can give them that we've set them up for life, eh?