Friday, January 12, 2007

Eek, I've been Tagged - again!

Tagged by Lisa this time!

This is the Christmas meme - kinda late, but here goes:

Name three things:
* that you had hanging on your tree:

1) Gluten free christmas chocolates - one each, for each of the 3 lads, for every day from 22nd December (when my brother and his family came over) to New Years Day
2) New decorations that came with our new tree - first artificial tree we've bought :0(
3) at the top, our gorgeous golden angel, which Roarke and I bought when we got our first real tree all those many years ago... she's looking better than I am for the years! (must be an angel thing)

* that you’ve eaten / drunk lots of:….. xmas cake….. grape juice….. snacky things

I didn't eat or drink hardly anything! However, the family consumed:
1) 2 gf Christmas cakes
2) several batches of gf mince pies
3) and boxes of Sainsburys chicken satays, which we discovered were gluten free!

* that you said most often this Christmas:
1) I don't feel up to this
2) I'm so glad your off this Christmas (to Roarke)
3) can I run away now?...

* that you heard most often this Christmas:

1) ho ho ho, Merry Christmas (said by any of the three lads, in the style of Basil Brush, because I told them if I heard "ha ha ha, boom boom" one more time I'd disconnect the tv - permanently!)
2) Samuels cyberman voice changer
3) my Dad's voice, in my head, interjecting all the things I knew he would have said if he'd been there... :0(

* that you’ll do again next year:

1) Make gf mince pies
2) use the artificial tree
3) make the kids open one present at a time - in turns - so everyone focused on one person and their enjoyment

* that you’ll *never* do again:

1) buy a goose joint (or any such joint!) from Iceland!
2) not buy enough wrapping paper (but I say that every year)
3) put off writing any Christmas cards until its too late

* that you didn’t do this year but hope to do next year:

Can't really think. Try to enjoy Christmas, I guess

* favourite presents this year:

Just the one favourite - my slow cooker!

* that you’re glad you didn’t get for Christmas:

Anything "fun" - basically I just didn't want any presents as I didn't feel like celebrating. The family were brilliant, with just practical type of things, and two books from my Brother which were also a great idea.

Can't tag anyone - think the moment has passed!

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