Friday, January 05, 2007

I will survive

Well, the new year is well and truly here, and so am I!

In the end, I just went to bed early, and it became just like any other night.

Slowly, the momentum is rebuilding. Samuel has been doing lots of "geography" on google earth. He is being given challenges of places to find, and is building up a nice collection of tags on "My Earth" - things such as friends' houses, where family live, where our HE group meets, where the Eddie Stobart places are etc. Its great because it is building up a picture in his mind of the layout of the country.

Joshua went into work with Roarke yesterday for the first time, to the learning centre, where he is to study English, Maths and ICT. He got on very well with the English, and apparently really impressed some of the other drivers working in there, with his knowledge. Roarke said Joshua seemed to grow 2 inches whilst he was there - it was a real boost to his confidence.

In the afternoon/evening we went to some friends and have a great evening. The three older boys spent over 4 hours working on the computer, designing (all their own idea) an online comic. They designed their own web pages and it is very good.

I had an appointment through today for Samuel's initial assessment by the Speech and Language Therapy people, for February. Not really looking forward to it in some ways - hope it isn't as distressing as his previous assessment.

Joshua is currently sitting down to his English "homework", and Samuel is designing HIS own webpage on the pc... Wow!

I'm looking at a list of 25 things that all must be done TODAY and wondering where to start (and yes, blogging was on the list - though maybe not the FIRST thing I should be doing!).

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Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Sounds like 2007 has got off to a great start. Will check out the Google Earth, K is into geography so this may be of interest to her. Elle