Sunday, December 31, 2006

Finally, the End of the Year

Well, it feels like that really. As I've mentioned before, I really seriously have a problem with "new year" - a near-phobia that started in my early teens from a traumatic event.

I find the whole "looking back/looking forward" thing incredibly depressing as, despite my faith, I have a tendancy to being a glass half empty kind of person. As I refuse to take the medication that the "professionals" would have me on for the rest of my life, I have to find other ways to deal with my depression. Most of the time, I succeed(ish!) but at the end of the year...

I've decided if I become rich enough, I want to fly around the world, the "wrong" way at new year's eve, so that basically I can avoid crossing the date line and actually having to experience midnight, on 31st December. Can anyone tell me if that is theoretically possible?!

As it is, Roarke is up early tomorrow on an early shift, so he is going to bed with the boys at 9 - so I'll be all alone. Well, I could sit in with Mother, but I think you'll understand that won't necessarily help my depression!

Samuel found a new focus today, playing around with Google Earth. Combining his love of trains, buses and Eddie Stobarts, he's been following train tracks and roads trying to find an image of a train/lorry! Plus spotting all his dad's buses!

Actually, it sparked some good "learning" conversations, as we discussed where the images came from, how satellites can see us etc. With Joshua, we then got into talking about spys, the US, Area 51 (which amusingly is on google earth, although the "secret" establishment I worked at in the Uk isn't!), government monitoring and stuff.

Samuel has had fun labelling our current house, old house, our church, friend's houses etc!

This evening Roarke and I slipped out for a quick bowl of noodles at our local noodle house (and I mean quick - we were only out for 45 minutes!), and then Roarke treated himself to a go on the boys' new Happy Feet game. Which is strangly addictive. Especially with our new, vibration feedback joystick!

Oh well, I think I shall end up going to bed early too. Hope this area doesn't have as many fireworks as we used to get in Chatham!

I pray that 2007 will bring peace, prosperity, and the realisation of hopes and dreams for all of my "readers" and friends out there.


Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Wishing you a peaceful and fulfilling 2007 too. Elle

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Linda said...

I can't believe Area 51 can be seen on google, and so clearly too!

Hope you have a great 2007.