Saturday, December 23, 2006

Board Games

Imagine this scene:

One hormonal, tired, grumpy mum who is the world's Number One Worse Loser Ever Of Board Games;

One dad, relaxing at the start of 6 days off, who recently realised he was an Aspie and therefore entitled to be as awkward as he wants and he "can't help it";

One highly strung 11 year old, who is a serious contender for the "World's Worse Loser Ever of Board Games" title;

One 8 year old Aspie, who struggles with board games at the best of times and needs everyone else to play exactly, to the letter of the rules (and of course ensure he wins); and

One 4 1/2 year old, who thinks he's 12, who hasn't even learnt what "losing" means and is convinced he is the World Best at everything and that the natural order of the universe is that he wins everything, everytime, but can't understand the rules of the game.

Oh, and one new Mousetrap game, courtesy of their Uncle and Aunt.


Let's just say I'm up here posting this, whilst claiming I needed to use the toilet, and trying to pluck up courage to go back down there....

I'll let you know who wins!


Anonymous said...

lol! I'm escaping too!

Paula said...

Thanks for the Xmas wishes
May you all have a great time and keep the spirit of Xmas alive and well!

Merry said...


Xmas wishes back. If it comforts you, i'd had 3 glasses of Baileys by 6pm, just to get through!

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Yep, I'm about to start on the mulled wine with double brandy thrown in once the kids are in bed ("please can we stay up really late tonight, please, please, please .... er, no!")! Hope the games get better over the festive holidays! Elle

Dawn said...

lol - how lovely it is at christmas lol xx

Anonymous said...

ooh, ann, i HATE board games...i don't care if they are educational, they bore me rigid...having said that, i am taking scrabble to my mum's for tomorrow because as theo said else we'll die of boredom ( 5 hours 20 minutes, i've already told em the time of the going home train !) love, fiona

Linda said...

Hope the game went ok. Whatever you do, don't trip over the mousetrap game (if played on the floor) breaking it causes meltdowns :-O

Oh yes...Thanks for coming over to my blog to say Hi too! :-)

!*!*!*!*! Happy New Year!*!*!*!*!