Thursday, November 23, 2006

Meeting our new family member..

Today I had my scan at Kings College Hospital.

It all went very well, and having gone in officially with a 1/187 chance of a downs child, came away with the figure amended to 1/4000. We normally refuse any testing, but took the chance a) to see baby and b) feeling that, as we already had 3 children, if we were going to have a child with downs, it was only fair to know so that we could spend the time helping the boys to understand and look forward to the birth, without fear or confusion.

There was, thankfully, no sign of any problems with me, so the bleeding is "just one of those things".

Junior looked lovely - the first image we saw on the screen was crystal clear, even the finger joints showing, and the heart clearly beating strongly away.

I had allowed myself to get so fearful, that the moment proved to be very emotional. Maybe now I can start relishing this pregnancy, and looking forward to the rest of it.

Too early naturally to see whether junior is a boy or a girl - but considering how much trouble the radiologist had trying to move junior around to get the final measurement, I guess it could be male! I ended up jogging, jiggling, walking, and drinking in an attempt to get the little one to move into the right position! Three hours later - success!

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. So, introducing the new member of the family....


Jules said...

Welcome little one. So glad things are okay with you and your mum, next time behave yourself! I bet you were having a little chuckle at your mummy having to wiggle and jiggle around like that!

Really pleased all is okay with you though hun.

Love Jules x

amanda said...

Glad everything is o.k :0)

stef_n_dawniy said...

So pleased for you all Ann,
dawniy xxx

Angel said...

Awww, welcome to baby. Glad things are ok.

Unshelled said...

Congrats on upcoming new addition, I hope everything continues to go smoothly, without anymore little hiccups.

Much love and hugs to you all, keep safe.

Michelle xx