Friday, November 17, 2006

Employer Wanted

My brother got made redundent yesterday :0(

Nothing "personal", but his company - for whatever reason - are cutting back and people who had been there longer than him, and even better qualified, went too.

So, please: anyone with any contacts, who knows a firm interested in employing a brilliant java/C# developer, please let me know. He's here in the south east, and ideally - with their little baby - looking to stay within, or around the M25 circle.

Apart from that sad news - always extra poignant when it happens before Christmas, and especially on top of the year we've had as a family - yesterday was a good day.

We had some friends over for the day, with the two boys staying with us whilst their Mum and Dad went for her dating scan.

The five boys played remarkably well, with the highlight being their original decision to hold a k'nex building challenge. Each contestant got to build a car, using no more than four wheels, which were then put to the test.

The cars displayed their features, then took part in a race, with Nan judging (after I'd scrambled around the house looking for "prizes"!).

Here are the contestants:


Theo and Toni (working as a team):

and Joshua:

William's car won the race, which actually made him cry as he wanted the second place prize (a balloon you blow up and let go, so it shoots around the room and makes a vile noise...). So after a quick swap around, he got his balloon - which promptly split after a few turns as it was a left over from some parties pages about 18 months ago!

Anyway, the boys seemed to enjoy it, and they all had a good time.

Meanwhile, I've managed to update the resources page of our website with some December ideas - not a very good resource list this month I feel, as I really haven't given it the time to it that I need to.

I've been doing some more gf baking lately, and I've updated our Gluten Free recipe page on our family website. Check out the Cherry Muffins, and the Pineapple Muffins!


Jules said...

So sorry to hear about your brothers job situation. Thoughts and prayers are with all concerned during this worrying time. I hope he manages to find something suitable soon.

Anonymous said...

hi ann

hey another theo !

a lot of software engineers are one man band limited company freelancers. ( i was married to one once )home ed friend's husband does it. do you want details ( from friend's husband, not from my psycho ex !) love, fiona

thenewstead5 said...

Yes please Fiona! Can you email me? Ann x

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Sorry to hear about your brother. Thinking of you. Lovely, happy pictures by the way. My B loves making Knex cars. Elle