Friday, September 08, 2006

Measuring Life

Realised I really like seeing pictures on other blogs - paints a thousand words and all that - so here are some of ours:

The boys climbing the last tree in our garden: when my brother and I grew up here, the garden had 9 trees, being on the site of an old orchard. We had a tree house, and lived in the trees during the summer - with me forever being told off for climbing a tree in a skirt (to which I used to, with the logic of a child, reply "so buy me some trousers!"). My brother and I weren't allowed to climb the tree in this picture, as it was at that time in our vegetable garden - so Joshua was extra chuffed to be able to climb it!

You may have seen our picture of our garden produce earlier on in the summer - well, here is a new one. Our largest "courgette" - weighing in at an impressive 9lb!

Joshua planted a seed at Sunday school some time back, when they did the parable of the sower. We didn't know what the seed was, and it has been a guessing game during the summer of "can you tell what it is yet?"

Well it turned out to be a sunflower, and Joshua is very pleased to have grown it, measuring today at over 7ft.

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Hi Ann Dawniy here thank you so much for being our first new blogger - I really hope it takes off !