Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Home Grown Talent

Just had to post a picture of our garden produce - I'm so pleased! Despite having planted our potatoes late (due to Dad's illness etc), we've had a reasonable crop (not in the picture, as I forgot them!). We've also had a good crop of onions (out in the shed drying).

But here in the picture are our spring onions, our tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes, and our "courgette".

Yes I know it looks like a marrow!

So far the biggest "courgette" has weighed in at a whopping 4.5 lbs!

We've had marrow soup (absolutely scrumptious recipe), stuffed marrow (Roarke's favourite), chickpea & courgette balls, meat & courgette balls (Lebonese recipes), potato and marrow bake (again, very yummy), and every meal that didn't have courgette or marrow as the main ingredient, had them as a side vegetable!

The 4 plants are just starting to run down now, which is fortunate as I'm running out of recipes! Still we are fortunate as the news the other day said courgettes were scarce this year due to the difficulties in watering them enough.

Now what I need are inventive recipes for spring onions...


IndigoShirl said...

Wow Anne - you're doing really well with your veggies.

We've just eaten our very first yellow tomato that we grew. Our red tomatoes are definately behind but starting to ripen now.

I don't think there is going to be enough basil left to make tomato and basil soup though!!

Best Wishes


Emma said...

Very jealous of your courgette lol. It must be 20x the size of mine!
My tomatoes are finally starting to ripen now, but the raspberries are doing well and I can't wait to pick them :-)