Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rainy Days

I seem to be struggling to blog daily at the moment. I think there are lots of reasons, including the fact that a lot of what is going on at the moment is not really stuff I feel comfortable posting "publicly" on the 'net. Added to that is, of course, the weather - Britain is trying it seems to make up for all those days of drought by raining most days! Quite literally puts a dampner on things.

On Tuesday however the weather improved, which was fabulous as we had a day out at Cobtree Manor Park booked. We had a number of families there, including new families, as well as some that don't often make events due to living further away from the "bulk" of the group. A great day was had - we were there for 4 hours ourselves! - with kids between the ages of 2 and 11!

Whilst in the area, I managed to (finally) get into the KCC Scrapstore to join on behalf of the group.

I've also found a great hall for us to use for our science project - now I need to sort out with the SETNET Embassador the details, and get dates booked.

I decided to mention on some other lists the two London visits that our group has planned over the next 2 months and am delighted that a number of families from across the country will be joining us on them.

Time Team are doing a "royal dig" over the bank holiday weekend, and they have a great site to go with it - well worth watching (you can watch it live even if you are not in the UK I believe) and having a look around if you are into that sort of thing.

Samuel is spending 2 hrs this afternoon on the buses with his Dad - his aspie obsession is now very much including buses, not just trains! Interestingly, we looked up some of Simon Baron-Cohen's quotient tests, and - filling in the one for autism as he was aged 12, Roarke's score was nearly as high as Samuel's... explains a lot! Still, it is encouraging that to fill it in as he is now, his score is nearly "normal" - gives hope that Samuel will be able to find his way in the world and find out how to deal with given time and continued support (the latter which his Dad had to do without).

This morning the two older lads worked on a question sheet prepared by their Aunt about Hungary, which led to this great history resource on the country - I think you can put in any city and get the history of it (even though it is meant as a travel site). We then found a European Rail guide which Samuel enjoyed looking at. And if you have train loving aspies too, check out this site with all the photos of trains in Europe!!

I've also been downloading some great resources from the Times Education Supplement website - free to register and the form let me in! I also managed to register for the DfES Online Publications service - allowing me to order resources for free! I love these webforms that don't know I'm not an "offical" teacher!

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