Friday, August 25, 2006

Grumpy, Hungry, and now Sleepy...

Today was not great in terms of the boy's behaviour - couldn't trace it to anything they'd eaten, so who knows - just an "off" day. They played well at times, but it was interspersed with aspie meltdowns from Samuel, and manic episodes from Joshua - with William getting told off for copying their "bad" behaviour throughout the day...

In the morning Roarke and I escaped to do the shopping together (he's on lates again), only to arrive and find I'd forgotten my bag (and therefore also the shopping list, and the Coeliac Handbook). Fortunately he at least had his cards with him... it made for a cheaper shop as I couldn't risk anything that I didn't already know was gluten free.

On our return he took William blackberry picking - so he could have his "special" time with his Dad (as Joshua and Samuel have had recently). However, William wanted me to go too. "Why?" I asked. "Because I love you" was the darling's answer!

I made a gluten free loaf for the boys, and then one for my brother (still awaiting his biopsy results).

Joshua finished another one of his maps, then showed me how they all joined together to map out his created world. I scanned them in and show him how to manipulate them in Macromedia Fireworks to create one map - see below!

Found some more good sites today:

Other issues I looked into today included:

The kids on the EO childrens list apparently thought that, now we have "dwarf planets", we should also have troll planets, hobbit planets... and one wag on the main EO list wondered if they will be named Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy and Doc..

PS, the apple and blackberry crumble we made was yummy!

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