Wednesday, August 30, 2006

An ordinary day

I am nerdier than 72% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!I'm a sucker for this sort of thing.. couldn't resist finding out how "nerdy" I am, after seeing it on Deb's blog! I'm amazed actually to have such a high score. I am sure it would have been higher in my younger days..

Talking of such things.. the number of interests (obsessions) that Samuel has is growing. We've moved on from just trains, to buses and now trucks. Yes, Samuel is a fully paid up member of the Eddie Stobart Fan Club - his grandad would be proud!

We've already been out several times to sit outside the Coca Cola/Schweppes yard in Orpington on the look out for Steady Eddies. Yesterday however it was trains again, and we all went off for a woodland walk combined with train spotting.

Joshua climbed some great trees:

Samuel counted trains:

We even spent half an hour on the bridge seeing how many train drivers would wave, or toot, or both (or none!). To the boys great pride, one of the Eurostar train drivers waved - usually I don't think they have time to see people on the bridge, or maybe they have a company policy against it because this is the first time one has done that.

And, I took pictures!

Definately the two essentials of home education - the internet and a digital camera.

I'm pleased to see that I've already had visitors to my new reference section on the website. I'm trying to update it everyday, as I really have so much more to do on it, so please be patient with me! The google ads on each page will help (if they get used) to bring in some revenue to go towards helping with costs for the group - that's the plan, anyway!

Joshua has been enjoying several of the documentary series on TV at the moment, and even Samuel has been watching with him. He's watched Ring of Fire, The Trench Detectives, A History of Britain, Restoration Village, Myths Busters..


Unshelled said...

If you get the chance to see it "How it's made" is pretty cool to watch too. It keeps my daughter and my brother enthralled for hours, I find it good too.... lol

IndigoShirl said...

Congrats on your reference section... looking good.