Monday, August 28, 2006

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Well, who needs girls?!

I have just spent a lovely half an hour being made up by Samuel. He started off "doing" my hair as I worked at the pc, and then asked to be shown how to use the make up.

Rather than ending up looking like a clown, he did a brilliant job - I could seriously have gone out of the house like it, apart from the fact that it was more glamerous than I would usually not wear colours that strong! Very dark and sultry I looked afterwards.

Well done Samuel!

William, of course, then wanted a go.... NOW I look like a clown!

They also both did my hair - one side each. I have 3 clips and 3 scrunchie clips in now. Worse thing is, I can't take it out till they go to bed or they will be heartbroken.

I do hope noone calls around this evening unexpectedly... Could be worse, could be the daytime with the postman due I suppose.

On another note, the work I was doing when Samuel offered to pamper me was my little project. I've decided I can't wait until its finished to "go live" - as I think it is going to take me until at least Christmas to get it "finished" - and then it will be a daily project.

To see what I've been doing, look at the resources page on our website - and click on the heading for Educational Websites. You'll then see that I am attempting to put the educational links I've collected all in one place, for others to use.

You see, I have more than 1,000 educational websites bookmarked, and I had to start organising them for my own use. I also always offer to help other people find sites for topics/projects that their children are working on. So, I figured, I might as well put them on the 'net for everyone else to use.

As you can see, its a huge undertaking. There are only 34 pages out of an eventual 72 pages that have links on them so far, and only the english related ones are anywhere near finished. The index is laid out loosely on the Dewey Decimal system of classification - for want of any other way to do it! There is also a search box, if you are like me, and don't know whether "clouds" would come under geography, earth sciences, or something else!

Do bookmark the page and have a look into every now and again to see how it has grown. I'm always interested in new links, so do let me have any (there's an email contact facility).

I've got Samuel at our new doctors tomorrow, to try and ask for a referral to speech & language to look into the semantic/pragmatic disorder thing. Please pray for Samuel as he has been very unsettled all week and I think it is because he is worried about the appointment. He's asked to go to bed early as he knows he has to be up a little earlier than usual (only half an hour) to get to the appointment. Poor love, my heart bleeds for him sometimes and I feel so frustrated if I can't manage to find the way into his world so that my comfort makes sense to him.


Anonymous said...

Aww - Samuel sounds like such a love. :-) I am sorry he is so nervous about the appointment. I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

Amanda said...

Hello, I'm giggling at your make-over, when dd was quite she did the 'clown' look on me, so left it on as we at home. I forgot about it and later when the postman knocked I answered the door, he did look at me a bit funny though!

SPD Support said...

Was just browsing and found your post about Sams SPD appointment. If you need any help come and visit us.

Good luck! :-))
SPD Support

SPD Support said...

Was just browsing and found your post about Sam's SPD appointment.

If you need any help, come visit us.

Best of Luck! :-)
SPD Support