Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Century

This is, apparently, my 100th post here on Blogger!

Unfortunately, there's nothing that momentous to record.

A quiet day - Roarke went back to work today so this morning he took the boys out for a lads outing. They went and stood next to the track up by Petts Wood and counted trains...

Apparently, they saw 4 eurostars and over 20 network trains. Yippee.


Meanwhile I caught up on some bits and pieces for our group, some planning and preparation work for "lessons".

In the afternoon we had a new member of the group come around. The young lad is into many things that the boys like, and so we are hoping (his mum and I) that they will form a good friendship. A particular area of interest that they share is cartoon making, and film making. Unfortunately, the lad has suffered terribly at school in the past and is now having to deal with some serious lack of confidence, leading to shyness. We are going to try to take things at his pace, and hopefully he will soon relax in their company enough for them to get to know each other.

Later on in the afternoon the boys did some gentle learning - they are both a bit fragile at the moment for various reasons, so I'm happy for them to do "revision" rather than tackling something new. To that end, Joshua worked through the Starwatching activity from Planet Science, and then Samuel did the Camouflage one. Joshua did the follow up worksheets and then made his own space station (picture later) - which of course meant William had to make one as well. Samuel tried out the Camouflage Yourself idea, chosing to blend in against the black door of the "dairy" (the outbuilding with the freezer in it) and the hedge:

Got this great site from our library - Fantastic Fiction. Use it to look up all the books that your favourite authors have written, and find out more details about books.


Anonymous said...

You always have the neatest resources and activities. happy 100th post!

Carol said...

Wow, happy 100th!
Just ticking along is still good because things are progressing.