Thursday, July 06, 2006

Roarke's birthday

Today was Roarke's birthday. Traditionally - if left to our own devices - Roarke and I do not make a fuss for our birthdays nor for Christmas. We prefer to celebrate our wedding anniversary and treat ourselves on Valentines Day - as a way of marking how important our relationship is and how blessed we have been to have found each other.

Naturally, my birthday this year didn't happen (as I was at Dad's side, on a death bed vigil) so I think that is why the boys really wanted to "do something" for their Dad. They find it hard to understand our reticence to celebrate a passing year!

So, in the morning when Roarke got up to go to work (6.15 - a lay in!) he had pain au chocolate waiting for him. He had a 3 hour break in the middle of the shift and came home to a bubble welcome, a home made birthday banner, and home made cards. We all had pizza and salad for lunch (gf pizzas for the boys) and then two birthday cakes (one for us, one gf cake for the boys!). We then went out to spend some money he had been given for his birthday, and bought a Freeview box - which was really for the boys' benefit. Half the breadmaker that my brother bought for me on my birthday was also for Roarke (as it were!). We usually get household things for ourselves in lieu of a present.

The boys had a trashy fun dinner (burgers and chips and the inevitable "dipp dipp" for William) whilst I waited till Roarke returned at 7 to put on some treat/nibble food for us - and open the wine. My brother called in with a card, and for a chat too, which was lovely.

He has recently been found to have the antibodies to suggest that he MAY have coeliac disease too, like Dad. This has hit us all hard, but we are trying to work through it - realising that it wouldn't seem so bad if it wasn't for the associations we all have now with the disease following Dad's death.

All in all, Roarke had pleasant day and it left the boys feeling that they had made their Dad's day special, which was nice.

On the learning front, by the way, the two older boys are working on a project, trying to create a super Zook. This is allowed as learning, as it has led to lots of research into animals, insects, limb function and movement. William is continuing to work through his "workbook" with his Nan, and doing half an hour every morning with her. His progress is amazing - I'm so pleased it is working with them, as at least it means I don't feel guilty he is being left out, and I also can concentrate more on working with the other two.

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Happy Birthday Roarke!