Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Friends and Heatwaves

Yesterday we spent a lovely couple of hours at the park with some homeschooling friends. With enough children between us for a 5 a side football game - with 5 little ones left over - all the children seemed to enjoy themselves.

Fortunately the game was carried out under some big trees which helped a bit. The young ones were, however, in the full sun and soon tired.

I know to some of my American readers this may sound a mild day but here in the UK we have a level 3 Heatwave Warning as the heat has reached 32 degrees during the day and only going down to 20 degrees at night.

One person on one of the home schooling lists this morning suggested it was a good opportunity to try an experiment on solar cooking - I haven't braved it though!

Today I left the boys with Mum and went to the meeting I'd arranged with the Medway Truancy Watch Officer. It was a very positive meeting - especially after the Officer revealed he had been home educated since the end of Primary school! Each side came away with some new ideas, a new perspective, and some actions for the future. Very encouraging.

When I returned, I found that William had done brilliantly on his work again with his Nan - they really seem to work well together. He traced the alphabet up to the letter "m" and correctly identified the 2 out of 3 pictures of things starting with the sound of each letter. He also whizzed through some more "spot the difference" exercises.

Samuel had also settled down well and done three double pages of science. Joshua - for some reason - had struggled today and it wasn't until this evening that he did his written work for the day, in the form of a competition entry (english as well as handwriting practice). They had both done some work on the pc too.

Tomorrow we will be looking after Baby Thomas for a few hours, as a "practice" to see whether Mum and I - and Thomas! - can get on so that we can have him on a regular basis when his Mum starts back to part time work (she is an architect). It should be fun!

He'll certainly not have any shortage of playmates :0)

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